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Cordless Electric Mop


This dual pad spinning electric Mop gives new meaning to polished floors.  Equipped with automatic water spraying and illuminating LED lights, this unit can wax and scrub floors in wet or dry conditions.  With a slim built, long battery usage and low noise, the DYMO cordless mopper can offer you 40 minutes of dusting and cleaning.  The dual spinning motors greatly reduces the effort in pushing and pulling.  It also has a large capacity 300ml water tank with adjustable water speeds.  When placed in connection with the Dyson stick vacuum V8/V10/V11, the Mamibot DYMO can mop and vacuum simultaneously while cleaning.   Now you can enjoy an easier and less strenuous method of cleaning without having to bending over.

  • Compatible with Dyson V8/V10/V11
  • Shrinkable handle
  • Adjustable water spraying
  • 230 rpms
  • 90-180 degree lifting handle



  • $299.99