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Smarteye EXVAC680S SLAM Visual + GYRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner 4-core Processors 

The EXVAC680 Smarteye Robot Vacuum offers an optimum cleaning performance with its gyroscope and camera navigational mapping.  This combined technology is a technique used to give a more accurate search for collecting dirt and debris.  It comes equipped with 600ml dustbin and a 375ml water tank for mopping.  This unit can clean up to 120 minutes at a range of 150-180 Sqm.  With the use of a mobile device, the App opens up your robot to several methods of cleaning that is otherwise impossible to do.  Now you can enjoy a more convenient and healthier living environment, thanks to the Mamibot Smarteye EXVAC680S.

  • Camera controlled navigation
  • 3 level hepa filtering
  • Speed controlled mopping reservoir water tank
  • 4 core processors
  • Low noise and low power consumption


  • $349.99